Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 7: Tokyo: Tsukiji, Ginza, Harajuku, Shibuya

This is one of the rare chocolate drink we find in the vending machines, usually coffee or tea.

Today is a highlight of the entire trip! For the food part at least.

Skipped breakfast and went straight to Tsukiji market! (and we started the day late too, like at 12pm. i know right -.-, tsukiji at 12)

We took the JR towards Shimbashi and alighted Hamamasutcho station, from there we have to exit the station (North exit) and find Daimon Station entrance to take Oedo line to Tsukijishijo station.

Exit A1

As we rch almost ard lunch time, we missed the buzzling activities of the market in the morning. i was a tad disappointed, but in any case the tuna auction were not open up for tourist during the period we went cos of the march disaster.

but of cos, because we were this late, we managed to skip the morning queue at Sushi Dai!

First sushi shop we saw after we entered the market:

makes a good gift for dad! haha

Tamago shop in Tsukiji market
My favourite tamago! but it taste very bleah. :( luckily we didnt buy that one box tt cost 400 - 400 yen.
We bought this stick at 100Yen.

But this~ is a good find! Egg custard pudding w caramel.
some souvenirs like tee shirts and wellies.
the q at sushi dai.
i think we were quite lucky, we managed to get a seat after wait of 45 mins. i have read and heard from friends that a 2 - 3 hrs wait is not uncommon in the morning.

the wait was pretty pleasant since its winter~ cant imagine waiting for a few hours during summer.

Set menu outside the restaurant. There's an English menu too.

Theres 2 set menu, one is the "Trust the chef set", whereby the chef will make 10 pieces + 1 (the last sushi you can choose your own) nigiri sushi based on the season. 3900Yen (~SGD60), includes miso soup, tea & one freshly made tamago.

The Standard set cost 2500Yen (~SGD39) consists of 7 piece nigiri sushi (i.e fatty tuna, eel etc)

At Tsukiji, of cos we have to Trust the Chef. Its worth every single cent imo.
Snacking while queuing. Egg custard, super yummy :)
we are next!
its a mini shop. can sit abt 12 pple max at one go.

First up, tamago appetiser. its warm and fluffy! perfect to kickstart the sushi feast! Pickled ginger slice. baby's favourite.
Our funny & friendly chef on the right. He asked if my eye color were natural (was wearing blue contacts). lol.
mirror tt makes the place looks bigger and brighter.

i am very sorry cos i dont remember the names of some of the sushi :( but all of them were so yummy.

i think this is toro.
they do not serve the sushi in plates. sushi are served one by one on the long wooden ledge. pretty cool huh~
my favourite snapper. @.@ (chef gestured to me circling his fingers over his eyes) lol
another seafood miso.
topshell. so fresh that its still moving when served. chef was trying to scare me with it. lol
baby shrimps.

the meal was sooo nice! in a nice ambience. i have heard some locals commented tt this place is a tourist trap. but who cares. its nice no matter!

We went to this market nearbyTsukiji to search for B's horse sashimi
horse meat sashimi from Sushizanmai. i passed =/

After the sumptous lunch, we decided to walk to Ginza area. It wasnt a short walk. but theres plenty of things to see along the way. Took us about 20 mins.

stopped by the mart and brought 2 yoghurt drink above.
v bling fortune cat.

Land mark of Ginza.

Ended up at Gucci Cafe for dessert. Its located at Level 4 of Gucci building.

Its cool that they do not only serve their patrons only. even if u didnt buy anything from the store, they still treat u w the best service.
Leather menu
ordered a tea set and a ala carte dessert
the server volunteered to take a pic of us tog :)
signature tiramisu raspberry dessert.
lemme just bore u with a pic of the toilet hahahaha
cupid statue at the corner of one building. cute
Was on the way to Harajuku, got distracted by Sanrio gift shop.
for the kitty fans
First shop on the left when we exit harajuku station. lotsa bargains. shorts and skirts at 500Yen!!
eurasian girl

if u are a fan of japanese fashion, harajuku is the place to go.

imo, its cheaper than those of shibuya 109. alot of things are on discount. you will be spoilt for choices, but not exactly cheap.

Tip: if u wan shopping, pls pls do not come on sunday afternoon, the crowd is insane. its impossible to buy anything.

this was on a weekday evening. very comfortable, but they tend to close early like 8 plus 9.

so my suggestion is to go shopping on weekday and on sunday, you can visit just to bask in the atmosphere of cosplaying.

check out the huge F21 & topshop behind takeshita street.

Dinner time!
B's highly recommend this Kyusyu Jangara ramen. Its along the stretch of F21.

Flavourful soup. but its too salty to my liking.

the ingredients like the roast meat and noodles are superb tho.

Harajuku was quiet by the time we are done w dinner, ard 9? It was too early for us to head back to hotel, and we only have one night left, so we want to make the most out of it.

So we headed to Shibuya!

Indeed! it was so different from Harajuku, streets were buzzling w good looking people!

Didnt manage to take a pic of the Shibuya crossing cos it was quite dark with some of the neon lights off for conservation of energy.
famous hachiko.
We have this in sg. Its quite good. :) miss the yakiniku don.

this place was packed with teenagers. whats the fuss?
Its some horror theme restaurant. -_- cant believe the q is THAT long.

Most of the shops were close, with the exception of some restaurants. we loiter ard for awhile then decided to head back to Shinjuku.

Shall end the post with some buys on our way back to hotel

Apricot Wine from Don quijote

Loots from 100Yen shop

Supper! Kaarge don set with soba. yum!