Monday, January 2, 2012

5D4N Taipei

Day 3: Miramar, Wu Fen Pu, Shida, Lava

First destination was Miramar. Nope. not the ferris wheel, we are both afraid of heights. lol.

Some afternoon halloween event.

The main reason we were there was for this:

Famous hundred year old shop - 金春發牛肉麵. The shop is located opposite Miramar.
The shop is apparently famous for the last item, fried curry noodles. Didnt order that :/

Got a curry beef with rice.
some mixed beef soup & a small plate of stir fried beef organs.

Not a fan of fancy beef parts, but what impressed me was the curry beef & beef soup. the soup was very light and sweet, yums,

Its worth a try, but not fantastic imo. Will consider if i will go back to it the next time.

As the beef didnt satisfy us, we decided to eat something more before we start our shopping spree.

We headed to Saboten instead. lol. i noe, i noe, i noe theres a saboten in singapore as well. but at that point we were craving for tonkatsu very much.

And we wanted to see if it will be on par with katsukura, the tonkatsu place which was so unforgetable.

Of cos, we are half full from the beef place, so we just ordered a set to share.

Its good! But katsukura is still the best. =D

After a heavy lunch, we headed to Wu Fen Pu, wholesale market for some shopping to work off our lunch.

Took the train and alighted at Hou Shan Pi, its about 5 mins walk to the market.

If u are a fan of Braised pork rice, en route you will see the famous, 胡须张鲁肉饭。

B n I went seperate ways, as WFP is really big, we tot its more efficient to cover our own things and set a place to meet.

But WFP was sucha disappointment. The clothes there are really expensive if you don buy more than 2 pieces? And the quality of the merchandise is really inferior. :(

Forced myself to buy 2 belts and a necklace for B and decided to call it a day at WFP.

If you are like me, disappointed with WFP, i recommend you the following place,which have really nice and cheap clothes & yummy food altogether.

Shida night market.

It was my first time to Shida market even though this is my 3rd trip to Taipei, cant believe i missed it the first 2 times! I have always imagine Shida to be small & un-interesting. Boy, i was wrong.

Things here are nicer and cheaper than WFP, makes us regret e time we wasted at WFP :(

But beware, it can get really really crowded during weekend!

Tips: If you wan really good bargains, do go to XMD after 10 PM when all the shops are closed, there will be illegal street vendors selling clothings and acccessories. I bought most of my loots there, no need to squeeze w pple and can bargain for a good price!

10NTD sesame pancake! famous 卤味 stall. very long q.

settled for this stall selling 甜不辣,which has much lesser q. the wait was about 10 mins.

mixed 甜不辣
阿鑫面线!very addictive!
After dinner, we then took a cab back to hotel to rest for part 2 program.

buzzling Xi men ding on a saturday night.

It was the halloween weekend! decided to check out the halloween party scene in taipei.

got some alcohol from the convenience stall, its really CHEAP.

Some cheap alcohol and rest got us all ready for the halloween night at Lava!

We took a cab to NEO19 at abt 12+ am, tinking there may be a really long q, but nope, the Q was all right for a halloween night.

dressed up for halloween.

impressed with the efficient crew who got us into the club in no time.

Cover was 1000 NT that night, with 2 drinks.

camwhoring buddha!bartenders.
music was not bad, and we met 2 fellow singaporeans at the bar. but i tot it was a tad empty for a halloween party, maybe there were more happening party out there. o well..

it was a really unforgettable, long night.