Sunday, April 3, 2011


haha. after much considerations and reading several reports from, we have decided that WE WILL GO!!!

If u are still debating, go read 1st hand travel reports on japan-guide or I have heard people saying that replies in TA are from Japanese in denial of the current dire state, thus urging touriests to come still. i dont tink so.
but if u believe so, then use japan-guide. its 1st hand travel reports posted by tourists just like ourselves, and till now i have yet to read a single report asking others not to proceed.
Of cos, no one can guarantee whats gg to happen tomorrow or the day after. but right now, we will definitely proceed.

However, i need to be mentally prepared that i will be missing out on the pretty neon lights in tokyo streets and possibly Disneyland (altho i m crossing fingers that they will reopen soon) and the tuna auction in tsukiji market. :( hoping to catch a glimpse of the cherry blossoms tho.

oh well. i m pretty sure everywhere will be enjoyable w him around. will just not have any expectations, everything else will then be bonus right? ^^

so yes, counting down to 12 days!
p/s: i must really thank him for giving me the strength and being so positive all these while. otherwise, i will hate myself if cancelled on this when we possibly could have proceed.

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