Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back from Japan!

WE are back from Japan!

Well, in fact, i have been back for more than 5 days now. Been trying to catch up withwork and unpacking and sleep.

Will find time to blog about the trip soon before i forget the details!

Anyway, the trip was amazing. We totally didnt regret embarking on this journey amidst all the uncertainty.

I certainly have some regrets, i will write them down so i will take note of them the next trip!

1) Spend more time in drugstore to look for facial products & cosmetics
2) Spend more time in the small lanes near Shibuya instead of the main area (too pricey)
3) Try more of their local drinks
4) Buy more of their clothes
5) Buy more Dorayaki!

:) Tts all for now, hitting the sack.

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