Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Japan - Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo 9D8N

Day 4: Osaka, Tokyo

A last half day in Osaka as we bid our teary goodbyes before phase 2: Tokyo!

We will miss u Dotonbori hotel.

Can't rock on empty (800-900yen each). Totally the right way to start your day. Look at the amount of salmon roe! Comes with a bowl of soup udon.

After that, plenty of last minute shopping and sights before leaving Osaka. Of course, plenty of munchies as well :D
Along the shopping stretch is a conveyor belt sushi place called Kaiten Sushi, literally conveyor belt sushi or
回転寿司. Not bad and it's really pretty budget. You can't miss it, they have a cooler with a actual fish displayed outside as well as Welcome! We Love tourists! in 3 different languages on the screen.

Ok i made that up but the 3 languages thing is true.

And so back to Tokyo we went..
Upon arriving at Shinjuku JR station (evening), we tried to navigate ourselves to the Sunlite Shinjuku hotel, supposedly 10min from the station. What utter BS... maybe without luggage and on a bicycle it would've been possible.
[ The Shinjuku SanChome subway station is however about 5 min walk away ]

Feeling beat, we decided to roam around nearby for food. There's a whole neighbourhood of izakayas and such as well as various type food places open late nearby (including Kabukicho) so no fears. We settled for a non tourist looking izakaya full of smoking white collar locals and toasted to more fun to come!

They had some 'special miso' dishes on the menu. I'm a sucker for such titles i know. Tis d soft bone in special miso dishy.
and after a good drink and some food we proceeded to walk around..

eat some more.

Rice bowl from

Say cheese.

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