Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Beijing. Foreword

:( Cant believe how lazy i have been and totally stopped blogging about Taipei after Day 3.

After Taipei, i went to Bangkok in Jan and and i just touched down from Beijing yesterday. Well, i guess everyone is very familiar w Bangkok.

But i had problems doing research for Beijing before i embarked on the trip. So prob i will just do Beijing and skipped Bkk altogether.

Beijing was a lot more than what i had expected. Like any typical Singaporean, once they hear "China", they go like.. "huh. why u wanna go there? Isnt it like nothing there? Is it clean? How you know the meat in the bun is not dog meat" -.- i get that alot.

Well, the whole agenda for me to visit Beijing was because of this concert. I m a huge fan of Mayday. And they were the first band to perform in Beijing Stadium, Bird Nest. It was a significant milestone for the band, we wanted to be part of it. So a few of us planned this trip together, it was our first trip together and first trip to Beijing. Plus, i have always wanted to visit The Great Wall, for once in a lifetime. And i did. :) it was pretty amazing~

And like i said, i wasnt expecting anything from China. I brought as little as SGD 400 for a 6 days trip. LOL. And i even though that it will be my first and last trip to Beijing.

But i liked the plaec. Apart from the bad traffic and ridiculous cab grabbing. I will definitely want to go back there again :)

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