Thursday, February 18, 2016

Auspicious Date!

After the proposal, we spent my last day and my birthday in Seoul. After that came Xmas, then New Year. Then Chinese New Year.

Time pass so fast and I was a bit antsy about having our wedding by end of year.

B's family was abit..not excited about the wedding. B say they are just bad at expressing themselves and that i have gained approval from his family - just because there's no objections.

ok. i will try to manage the expectations of excitement.

On the other hand, my family, esp my mom was very excited. She was excited wayyyy before B proposed. Like she knew it was coming.

So, first thing we need to do, even before booking of our wedding banquet, is to find an auspicious date. Of couse, I have a very traditional mom. 

Luckily she had a contact, so we didnt went around like a headless chicken.

Ban Kah Choon Chinese Geomancy Consultancy.

Uncle that help us with the date seems very sincere and detailed. He threw in a few words of my fortune of 2016 as well. 

There are no fixed rates, i think. We just gave him a $68 angpow (referral rate).

Seems like hes good in doing fengshui for houses as well.

The shop is located near Farrer Park MRT, in a very old and small shophouse.  I think he is just doing this as a passion.

Our 8 characters was a perfect match! After some detailed calculations, the date is finally decided as 3 Dec 2016 or 15 Jan 2017!

What you need to get ready for the visit:

Couple's Birth date and time (No need exact)
Couple Parents' Chinese Zodiac


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