Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our upcoming trip to Japan

It was scheduled to happen between 15 - 24 April (9D8N). Spending 3 nights in Osaka, 5 nights in Tokyo.

We wanted to travel on Dec 2010 and spend my birthday/christmas in Japan. But it was pushed back due to limited resources after our 2nd HK trip in 6 months.

Finally managed to book air ticket & accomodation early this year. Been working on the perfect travel itinerary since. He took charge of Tokyo & Osaka, and me, just Kyoto.

Its so unfortunate that this catastrophe have to hit Japan. I am not saying this because it have affected my wonderful holiday. I am saying this because of the deaths and damages brought by this Black Monster. Real footages of the disaster on Facebook and news everyday is so painful to watch & heartbreaking.

Right now, in the midst of all uncertainties after the devastating earthquake, we are not 100% sure if we will be gg ahead as planned, but we both agreed to keep our fingers crossed & hang on till the last minute, unless things are not getting brighter. but so far, things seems to be recovering well.

Right now, the main concern for me is food. those great food places we have been so looking forward to. There are reports about cafes and restaurants now only serving food that are easy to make due to limited food supplies.

Will we still get to eat fresh sushi? curry katsu? ramen?

These aside, how about the places we intend to visit? are they closed? or will these places close early to save on electricity etc?

All these concerns derived from news reports & rumours spreading on social media platforms. We certainly hope that things are not as bad as we perceived, although we are already very positive abt our trip. Now we can only pray that everything gets better in 3 weeks time.

Also, it may also be a rather sensitive period for tourists to visit Japan. Not sure if we will be welcome since everyone is down in the dump but we are going there for merry making. :/

ahhh, dilemma dilemma.

it may sounds juvenile, but we do hope that everyone can go ahead as planned (given that there is no life danger) & contribute to Japan's tourism? Pretty sure if everyone starts to avoid this country, it will be harder for them to stand back up after the crisis.

My heart goes out to everyone affected.

Will update here again when things are brighter! I m sure tomorrow will be better for everyone!

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Ben-G said...

everything will be okay! i seem to be saying this a lot recently but a good line never dies!